sirisudweeks (sirisudweeks) wrote,

Inside the Mind of a Genius

Michael had to write sentences using his spelling words. Here's what he came up with:

1. There were HUNDREDS of mad people because the business moved.

2. My little brother does not know what a NUMERAL is because no on ever taught him.

3. If you have lots of MONEY, then that means you are rich.

4. CHERRIES are very yummy in my opinion, but they could make you have diarrhea. (definitely a drawback)

5. People try to keep FLIES out of the houses because they bug people.

6. If an adult has two BABIES at the same time, then they will get twins. (hopefully he understands this applies to women only)

7. The more money you have the more fun your BIRTHDAYS will be.

8. Did you know, that if you almost made it to the finals then you made it to the SEMI-FINALS?

9. My mom says that I need to use more TOOTHPASTE.

10. You have four TASTE bud sections on your tongue.

Let the record show that Thomas now knows what a numeral is. And that Michael can spell diarrhea.
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