sirisudweeks (sirisudweeks) wrote,


I think I'm addicted to racing again.
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Woohoo! Look at those hot runner legs!
Was it a marathon? So proud!!
no, it was just a 5k. :(

i don't know if i can work up the courage to run another marathon. the girl on the right in this picture is the only reason i ran this race.. she talked me into it.
You go girl!
Faith says, "good job running the race"!
thanks, faithie!!
Good for you!
Yay for you! That's awesome!
Go Siri! I love running but stopped cause my pregnant body won't let me anymore. Can't wait to start again.
if i'm there in brentwood, i'll go with ya. we might move back and if we do i'll be looking for an early a.m. partner.
Siri, is it me or does your makeup look fresh and beautiful after 3.1 miles of sweat and rapid breathing. Hey, I'm in favor of Ben going to BYU Law School and you becoming my running partner. What say ye?